Organic Picnic Season

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Temperatures hit 96°F over the weekend in certain parts of Southern California. As spring begins to give way to summer, it’s time to plan a few organic picnics.


Food often tastes better outdoors, so pack it properly and enjoy! Just make sure you follow the basic guidelines in today’s picnic primer for ease and safety:

  • Pack foods in containers with tight-fitting lids or in sealable storage bags.
  • If you’re serving a salad like Friday’s featured recipe for Greek-Style Beet Salad (right), pack the dressing in a separate container for easy drizzling at serving time.
  • Use plenty of frozen gel packs or ice in coolers and/or picnic baskets. Keep them in the shade whenever possible.
  • Open coolers only when necessary.
  • Return food to coolers quickly after eating, within one hour, or less time if you’re in the sun.

Tips and photo courtesy of Aunt Nellie’s Beets and Seneca Foods Corp.

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