Organic Pizza: Crusts and Veggies

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Are you making smart organic pizza choices?


Let’s start at the bottom with the crust you choose. Simply opting for a thin-crust pie can save, on average, from 30 to 120 calories per slice, compared to thicker hand-tossed crusts.

Looking beyond calories, more restaurants now offer the option of a whole-wheat crust—a simple switch that adds fiber and nutrients to your meal.

And while vegetables are a commendable topping choice, don’t look to your pizza to supply a substantial serving. Even with the tomato sauce, you’d need to eat several slices of a two-vegetable-topping pizza to help meet your daily veggie requirements—and you’re taking in extra calories to do so.

Consider pairing your pizza with a side salad to truly meet your vegetable quota. In addition to providing more nutrients, an accompanying salad may help you cut calories by filling you up and pacifying the urge for an extra slice.

By choosing a thin crust, limiting the cheese and loading up on vegetables instead of fatty meats, you can save 170 to 370 calories per slice.

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—Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN
American Institute for Cancer Research

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