Organic Pomegranate White Tea

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When the editors of Health magazine asked Food Network host Robin Miller to name her favorite bottled tea, she made an organic choice: Honest Tea Pomegranate White Tea With Açaî.


The magazine’s editors seem to agree: “This refreshing organic brew is full of antioxidants from white tea and Brazilian açaî,” they write. “It’s light, too, and just 40 calories per serving, or 85 if you gulp the whole bottle (like we do). Plus, it has about one-eighth of the caffeine in a cup of coffee—a little pick-me-up without the jitters.”

The Bethesda, MD-based company has been bottling teas for 10 years. Some of its newest organic flavors include Citrus Green Energy Tea, Peach White Tea, Honey Green Tea and Citrus Spice Decaf.

You can purchase Honest Tea at your local natural and organic food store. Let us know if you have a favorite flavor!

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