Organic Sock Firm Will Donate Up to 1 Million Socks to Homeless Today

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As we reported a month ago, Morrisville, NC-based Devmir, Inc. will hold its online Sock-athon today to unveil a new line of organic socks with the Sierra Club brand.


During the event, for every pair of socks purchased, a pair will be donated to the National Coalition for the Homeless, and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Sierra Club.

“There are videos, blogs, superheroes, online communities and a second grader in Michigan all championing the Sock-athon,” says Devmir President Diogenes Ruiz. “People are coming together in unexpected ways. A musician even wrote a song about the Sock-athon.”

Sierra Club socks are made from natural organic and eco-friendly yarns, including certified organic cotton and bamboo, and recycled synthetics, all with recycled packaging. Ladies and men’s performance, dress and casual socks are available in fresh colors, including red, purple, turquoise and brown, as well as classic black, navy, brown, beige and white.

“The vision to raise a million pairs of socks for the homeless, and a million dollars for the Sierra Club, was so awesome, I couldn’t resist helping out,” says volunteer Anora McGaha. “It reminds me of paying it forward on the spot.”

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