Organic Soups for Toddlers Feature Sesame Street's Elmo

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Earth’s Best, a leading producer of organic baby and toddler foods, has a line of organic soups that feature Sesame Street’s Elmo on the label.


Three toddler-tempting varieties are available: Organic Elmo Tomato Soup (vegetarian), Organic Elmo Vegetable Soup (vegetarian) and Organic Elmo Noodlemania in Chicken Broth. All contain Elmo-shaped pasta.

Toddlers enjoy one full serving of vegetables in every portion, including tomatoes, carrots, white beans, peas and celery, all grown in soil uncontaminated with harmful pesticides or chemicals. Specially formulated for toddlers, the soups are fortified with iron, zinc and six B vitamins, and they contain 1–3 g protein, 1 g (or less) of fat and 360 mg (or less) of sodium per serving.

The soups are sold in 14.5-oz. cans with pull-top lids. They can be found in the soup section of natural and organic food stores. Suggested retail price is $2.19 per can.

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