Organic Valley Launches Clever Campaign for Grass-Fed Ghee

organic valley ghee

Organic Valley has launched an ad campaign for its ghee that uses repurposed clips from culinary influencers including Food Network chef Katie Lee. The campaign “censors” these stars whenever they use butter or oil, putting the company’s ghee in its place.

The “Ghee-lish Any Dish” campaign comes form the Humanaut agency, which has worked with the dairy cooperative in the past on campaigns like the 2015 “Save the Bros” campaign, the 2016 “Real Morning Report” campaign, and the 2017 “Call us crazy, but it’s working!” campaign.

The ads for the new Organic Valley ghee campaign feature ten influencers such as Donal Skehan, Kent Rollins, Momma Cherri, Billy Parisi, Darius Williams and Alyssa Gagarin.

“Influencers are usually creating their own new content for brands. In this case, we’re leveraging the value of the influencers’ back-catalog and editing the footage ourselves. It’s a win-win for everyone,” said David Littlejohn, Humanaut’s founder and chief creative officer, in a press release.

The purpose of the campaign is to inform viewers of the versatility of butter. To do so, an ironically low-budget technique is used: any time the chef uses the word oil or butter, it is abruptly censored with a loud voice yelling “gheeeeee!” and Organic Valley’s ghee is used to cover up the speaker’s mouth.

But while the campaign is certainly looking for laughs, it also shows that, as the Organic Valley spokesperson says on camera, viewers do indeed already know how to use ghee at home.

“The number one reason people don’t buy ghee is they don’t know what to do with it. But all you need to do is use it in place of any cooking oil or butter,” Littlejohn explained. “Instead of making new content, we realized we could reuse all this existing online cooking footage to show people how they could substitute ghee in pretty much any recipe.”

Ghee has become popular in recent years due to its myriad health benefits: boasting all of the vitamins and minerals of pasture-raised organic butter without the inflammatory lactose or casein, ghee is a healthful fat that is acceptable for use on some anti-inflammatory diet protocols including the ketogenic diet and paleo diets. Ghee also has a higher smoke point than butter, making it an appropriate alternative to more heavily processed vegetable oil.

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