Organic Wine Pairings: American Classics

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Over the last two days, we’ve looked at wine pairings for organic Chinese & Thai and Mexican, Japanese & Indian meals. Our three-part series concludes today with pairing suggestions for American classics, courtesy of the Wine Market Council and Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson, author of Great Wine Made Simple and Andrea Immer Robinson’s 2006 Wine Buying Guide for Everyone.



When you’re picking up organic burgers or grilling your own, bring on the big, bold red Shiraz grape. It has lots of robust fruit and peppery spice to hold its own with juicy, beefy flavors. For white wine lovers, a fermented California Chardonnay is perfect. The toasty-smoky flavor from the barrel complements grilled meats. Organic Authority Recipe Suggestion: Hot & Spicy Organic Portabella “Brisket.”


Wines made from Riesling white grapes are best with barbecue. Their concentrated fruit flavor stands up to even the heaviest meats. For red wine fans, the bold Zinfandel grape works well, offering lots of smoky, spicy flavors that can stand up to barbecue’s bite. Organic Authority Recipe Suggestions:Spicy Cracked Black Pepper Brats and Hot Dogs With Whipped Black-Eyed Pea Spread, Relish and Mustard.

Deli Sandwiches

Pile it high! Smoky-salty deli meats and nutty-sharp cheeses are delicious with a Chilean Carmenere. This red grape has a smokiness of its own and plenty of body to stand up to a big, meaty sandwich. If you prefer white wine, try a Spanish sparkling Cava, whose perky bubbles and acidity cut through the richness of deli fixins’ and stand up to mustard’s tang. Organic Authority Recipe Suggestions: Organic Turkey Sandwiches and Tomato, Bacon, Avocado with Arugula Pesto Tea Sandwich.

Photo courtesy of the Wine Market Council

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