Organic Wine Pairings: Mexican, Indian & Japanese Food


Yesterday, we looked at wine pairings for Chinese and Thai meals that you pick up at your favorite organic food store or restaurant. Here are some additional suggestions from the Wine Market Council and Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson, author of Great Wine Made Simple and Andrea Immer Robinson’s 2006 Wine Buying Guide for Everyone.


Mexican Food

Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine has spunky flavors that need a lively, yet rich, wine to beat the chili heat and complement the spark of lime, while matching the richness of avocado and cheese. California and Washington wines made from rich-but-racy Fumé Blanc grapes are perfect with these foods. Another alternative is dry rosé wine, which has the fruity intensity and spice of the red grapes from which it’s made, while providing the lively acidity and refreshment of a white wine. Organic Authority Recipe Suggestion:Latin Tomato and Huitlacoche Soup.

Indian Food

Stick your nose in a glass of white Viognier wine, and you may well find some of the same scents on your plate of Indian fare: sweet curry, cardamom and mint. That’s because Viognier is an exotic white grape with the perfect aromatics to match up to all those exotic tastes. And for smoky tandoori meats, earthy lentil dishes and samosas, try an earthy-smoky Washington state Merlot. Organic AuthorityRecipe Suggestions:Spiced Lemon Rice and Organic Butternut Squash Casserole.

Sushi and Japanese Food

The super-fresh seafood and seaweed flavors of sushi and sashimi are right at home with the foamy bubbles of a French champagne. Look especially for the demi-sec style. Its touch of sweetness is the perfect contrast to pungent wasabi dipping sauce. Or for a value alternative, try the affordable and festive Italian sparkling wine called Prosecco. You can even mix in a little peach nectar and turn it into a refreshing classic drink—the Bellini—with your bento box.Suggested Reading:Fresh Organic Wasabi and Favorite Organic Wasabi Products.

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