OrganicAuthority Cooking Class: Consider Wine for a Summer Sizzle

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In Australia, where good food and great wine are always on the menu, it’s second nature to use quality wine in culinary pursuits. After all, who doesn’t enjoy sipping a glass of their favorite wine while adding a splash to a recipe? 


Sixth-generation family winemaker Scott McWilliam (right) offers the following tips for using wine as an ingredient in grilling marinades: 

  • The most important rule of thumb when incorporating wine into your favorite marinade recipes is to always use a wine you would drink. 
  • Incorporating wine into recipes takes the guesswork out of wine pairing. Simply serve the same wine you added to the recipe for a perfect match. 
  • To add even more intensity to your favorite grilled dish, set aside a portion of the marinade before marinating the beef, poultry or fish, and drizzle it on the dish after it’s been grilled to give a more concentrated flavor. 
  • Integrating wine into marinades enhances the flavor and intensity of the recipe, so get creative by choosing a wine that has particular flavors or notes you enjoy. 
  • When choosing a wine to splash into your marinade, use lighter wines like Chardonnay or Riesling for poultry or fish. More full-bodied wines like Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz work best with beef. 
  • The key to grilling is sustained heat: cooking at the right temperature for the right length of time. Since it takes time for the grill to heat up properly, don’t rush it. Pour a glass of wine, and savor the moment. 

Tune in tomorrow for McWilliam’s flavorful recipe for Blackberry Cabernet Marinated Steaks. 

Tips and photo courtesy of McWilliam’s Wine

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