Sorry, Meat Lovers: Avoid Red Meat if You Want Youthful Skin

If you want to look young, stay away from red meat.

If you buy organic creams, serums, and face oils to keep your skin in amazing condition, you’re going to want to hear this news. All that work—and money spent—could be for nothing if you regularly eat red meat.

If you want to look young, stay away from red meat.

The research about red meat

Researchers from the University of Glasgow discovered that levels of serum phosphate rise in people who eats a lot of meat.

Apparently, this substance can make your body’s biological age accelerate at a faster rate than your actual age. In addition to increased biological age, researchers also discovered that eating lots of red meat could reduce kidney function and potentially cause chronic kidney disease.

The study analyzed the eating habits “of people from the most deprived to the least deprived areas covered by NHS Greater Glasgow. So-called ‘deprived’ males were found to be the worst affected,” Munchies reports. “Researchers believe that this group is particularly hard-hit because of their poor diet and their low intake of fruits and vegetables.”

Less deprived men and women didn’t suffer from these ailments nearly as much as the “deprived men.” This could be because “less deprived males” and females eat a much more balanced diet, or because they eat a more “quality” red meat.

“Strikingly, many of the subjects had kidney function indicative of incipient or early onset chronic kidney disease,” professor Paul Shields, of the University of Glasgow’s Institute of Cancer Sciences, says. “It has also not escaped our attention that red meat product quality and preservation may have an impact upon the diets of the most deprived and their associated health.”

More bad news

Now, this isn’t the only bad news about meat in the past year. We’ve reported previously about how meat, especially meat that comes from conventional farms, isn’t very sustainable.

And in October of 2015, the World Health Organization said that processed meats—think bacon, sausage, and hot dogs—can cause cancer, and that “red meats including beef, pork, veal and lamb are ‘probably carcinogenic’ to people,” NPR reports.

Steak just doesn’t sound as tasty now, does it?

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