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You’ve made the decision to go organic and live healthfully. You’re in control: A healthy diet and lifestyle are your best tools for long-term benefits.


This week, we’ve already covered why you should Eat to Enjoy and Fit in Fitness. Now it’s time to enlist the help of your healthcare professional. You want to ask him/her about high blood pressure, blood cholesterol, quitting the use of tobacco products and weight control.

The American Heart Association recommends asking the following questions:

  • What should my blood pressure be? 
  • Should I reduce my sodium intake? 
  • Will I need to take blood pressure medication? 
  • What do my cholesterol numbers mean? 
  • Will I need cholesterol-lowering medicine? 
  • What are the best types of physical activities for me? 
  • How much activity do I need? 
  • How can I control my food portions? 

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