Penguins Urge Americans to Take Buses for Earth Day

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Penguins whose habitats are endangered by climate change are urging Americans to go green for Earth Day (April 22) by taking buses. 


“By supporting motorcoach transportation, which gets 184 passenger miles per gallon and is the most fuel-efficient way to travel, you might just help save an icecap or two,” says Peter J. Pantuso, president and CEO of the American Bus Association. “As gas prices climb toward $4 per gallon and Americans become more ecologically conscious, we have a perfect opportunity to raise awareness among policymakers and the public about the importance of taking buses to help save the planet and preserve penguins.” 

Buses provide congestion-mitigation benefits. A full motorcoach takes up to 55 single-occupant cars off the road. Buses also play a crucial role in reducing energy use and America’s dependence on foreign fuel sources. 

“Park your car for a penguin,” Pantuso suggests. “If they could talk, penguins would say, ‘Think of us and take the bus. Motorcoaches are nice and help save our ice.’" 

For more information, download the ABA’s eight-page booklet, Save A Penguin. Take A Motorcoach

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