Play With Your Food

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How can you introduce your children to great music while fostering a love for organic vegetables?


Cue the First Vienna Vegetable Orchestra, a group that plays music exclusively on edible instruments: a carrot recorder, cucumber “cuke-o-phone,” pumpkin bass and radish flute, among other ingenious inventions (see photos, right).

The group’s second CD, automate, is a compilation of tracks influenced by diverse contemporary electronic music styles. The musicians’ sound is symphonically unique. Click here for an amazing YouTube clip.

The 10-member orchestra has been playing since 1998, including concert dates throughout Europe. Several months before hitting the recording studio, members composed and arranged the new pieces—and, more importantly, discovered new instruments.

Because the orchestra’s CDs are imports, they may be hard to find. Here are a few good links: Amazon, Borders, Tower Records and CD Universe. You may also find a few CDs on eBay.

Happy listening!

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