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I didn’t expect to write about dog poop twice in one week, but it’s a hot eco-topic—perhaps because tomorrow is Take Your Dog to Work Day. (Sorry, cats—you’re out of luck.)

Poo Free Parks, a Denver-based company that installs and maintains eco-friendly pet waste bags and dispensers, has launched a community-based program to eradicate dog waste in city parks and along waterways.

The first campaign will be rolled out in Poo Free Parks’ hometown, with expansion planned for other markets, including San Francisco and New York.

Working with city and county officials, the company will install and maintain at least 200 pet waste bag dispensers in Denver parks, at no cost to taxpayers. The dispensers are made from 100% recyclable aluminum, and the bags are 100% biodegradable (within 18 months).

“The service will be funded through cause marketing, aligning publicly minded businesses with a public need through an environmentally conscious effort,” says Kevin Patterson, manager of Denver Parks and Recreation. Sponsorships are available to help defray installation and maintenance costs.

“It's good for the parks, the people, the planet and our cities,” says Poo Free Parks President Bill Airy. “Pet waste can ruin an otherwise beautiful park, creating health hazards, an unsightly mess, not to mention the large amounts of plastic waste that accumulate.”

According to Airy, the program will:

  1. Clean up parks, waterways and walkways
  2. Improve water quality in rivers, streams and lakes
  3. Reduce the amount of harmful plastics in landfills and oceans
  4. Save city and taxpayer dollars by delegating pet waste tasks to a private entity
  5. Offer employment opportunities to at-risk individuals from local rehabilitation networks

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