Popular Organic Chocolates Go National

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Dagoba Organic Chocolate will now distribute its tantalizing Single Origin chocolates nationally, reaching the industry’s “new pinnacle,” according to the Ashland, Oregon-based company.

Single Origin chocolate, as the name implies, originates from a specific geographic region, providing a “multisensory experience of unique aromas, tastes, textures and the people who define a cacao-growing region,” the company notes.

Dagoba’s flavors include:

  • Pacuare. A Costa Rican chocolate with a mild flavor, low acidity, upfront golden raisin and hints of caramel. Its name was inspired by the Pacuare River,which cuts through virgin rainforest gorges that shelter threatened bird, animal and insect species.
  • Los Rios. This Ecuadorian chocolate features upfront cacao, hints of tangerine and red berry, and a balanced astringency for dark chocolate connoisseurs.
  • Milagros. From the Tingo Maria Fair Trade co-op at the edge of the Peruvian Amazon, this chocolate offers nuances of banana and orchid, which grow among the cacao in a biodiverse rainforest.

Dagoba’s commitment to quality is made possible by direct partnerships with cacao growers.

“This line has been years in the making because I had to search intently to find sustainably grown varietals and producer partners that meet our standards of quality, ecology, farmer equity and community—fulfilling the highest industry benchmarks,” says Frederick Schilling, the company’s founding alchemist. “This effort has not been easy, but the rewards we’re seeing for consumers, producers and the environment are more than worth it.”

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