President Seeks to Extend Legacy of Inaction on Global Warming


Earth Day should be every day for organic and mainstream consumers. It’s important to become politically active by contacting your congressional representatives to air concerns about the environment and lobby for change—especially in an election year.

State of the Union speech at the US Capitol.

Jeremy Symons, executive director of the National Wildlife Federation’s global warming program, isn’t shy about expressing his views on the administration’s record. He issued the following statement:

“What is the President proposing to do right now to create clean energy jobs and reduce the pollution that causes global warming? We need action now, not decades from now. Our dependency on fossil fuels is choking our economy, and the pollution from these fuels is choking our atmosphere. Scientists have made clear that the window of opportunity for action is quickly closing.

“This is a time for new leaders who believe America can act now and do whatever we set our mind to, not for those who fear the modest measures being proposed in Congress.

“The President has been a bystander for the past seven years as states and cities have taken action here at home, and other nations have moved forward overseas. Time is ticking down for the White House and the President’s legacy of inaction. Fortunately, the Senate will soon take action on a serious global warming plan that will begin reducing U.S. emissions from all major polluters within five years.

“In the Senate, the bipartisan Climate Security Act would recharge America’s economy by investing in clean, efficient energy technologies that create jobs here at home, saving families money and making America more energy independent. The plan would begin reducing U.S. global warming pollution from all major polluters by about 2% a year, starting in the year 2012.”

Meanwhile, students and campuses throughout the nation have been leading the way by implementing innovative solutions to help solve the climate crisis. Click here to learn more.

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