Prevent Back-to-School Foot Fungus


As many students head back to school this week, danger lurks in communal showers and bathrooms.


“Getting away from mom and dad may be great, but college dorm life also has its downfalls, including the foot fungus and wart-causing virus that can be picked up in communal bathrooms and showers,” says Dr. Oliver Zong, a podiatrist and cosmetic foot surgeon who serves as medical advisor for PediFix. (Check out the company’s natural Tea Tree Ultimates Soaking Crystals.)

“Shared showers are one of the easier places to contract fungus and bacteria because the wet, steamy atmosphere is a great place for them to breed,” he adds. “To keep feet fungus-free, college students should wear flip-flops in communal bathrooms, scrub feet regularly and check feet regularly for abnormalities. And when you're hanging out in your dorm room, give your feet a break and go barefoot or wear sandals.”

You can also practice prevention by cleaning showers and bathrooms with natural products that fit into your organic lifestyle. We recommend Seventh Generation’s Natural Citrus Bathroom Cleaner and Shower Cleaner.

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