Queen Latifah Goes Wild for Wildlife

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The new film Arctic Tale was 10 years in the making, and it arrives at a time when climate change is one of the top headlines in many of the world’s newspapers. The filmmakers followed the lives of two different species through the Arctic to capture their daily lives from birth to adolescence.


Queen Latifah has been sizzling in the summer smash Hairspray, but starting on Friday, she’ll be cooling off by narrating the new film.

Arctic Tale follows the lives of two animals in the Arctic,” she says. “A polar bear cub called Nanu and a walrus pup called Seela—you see all the challenges they have to face with climate change up in the Arctic.”

Climate change is a top concern facing our generation—and generations to come. Why is this movie so important to parents who embrace organic living?

“Kids can totally relate,” Latifah says, “and it’s something they should be seeing at a young age because they’re the future. The more aware they become about how climate change is affecting us and being aware of doing good for the environment, I think the better off we all are.”

How did the actress/singer become part of the project?

“It was pretty much a no-brainer,” Latifah says, “and finding out that also some of the proceeds would go to the Artic Fund, which would help out the Arctic through different organizations that are up there. So, I thought it was a win-win situation.”

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