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Spinach is one of my favorite vegetables, and it’s a nutritional powerhouse when you shop for fresh organic food any time of year.

As Popeye can attest, this leafy green is a one-stop source for vitamins A and C, iron, beta carotene and folic acid. In fact, one serving (1½ cups of shredded spinach) has only 30 calories, with no fat or cholesterol. When calculating your daily nutritional needs, note that it meets 20% of fiber, 70% of vitamin A, 25% of vitamin C, 20% of iron and 6% of your calcium requirements.

Tracey Seaman, a team member at the new magazine Every Day with Rachael Ray, offers a great solution to cooking and storing fresh spinach in the magazine’s premier issue. She buys a large bag (about 2½ lbs.) and makes a spinach salad for dinner. Then she steams the rest, running it under cool water to stop the cooking process and squeezing it dry.

“The cooked spinach keeps in the fridge for four or five days, which is enough time to use it in omelets or grilled cheese sandwiches or any number of side dishes,” Seaman writes. “I like to sauté it with chopped onion and add cream and milk for a quick creamed spinach.” (I always add a dash of nutmeg to any spinach dish to augment its natural flavor.)

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