Researchers Prove Fast Food/Obesity Connection

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Fast-food chains love to argue that their menus don’t make us fat, but a Journal of Nutrition study reveals high consumption over a long period leads to weight gain, as well as increased cardiovascular and diabetes risks.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina studied 3,643 young adults over a 13-year period (from ages 7 to 20) to identify how they ate when away from home.

Those who ate the most fast food weighed more, had larger waists and triglyceride levels, and showed signs of metabolic syndrome—a precursor to diabetes, heart disease and possibly cancer.

Eating at traditional “sit-down” restaurants didn’t correlate with greater risk factors; however, those who dined out more often (whether sit-down or fast-food environment) had a slight increase in weight and waist size.

Parents who cook with their children help instill positive behaviors.

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