Rx for Women: Find More “Me Time”

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Listen up, fellow females! 

As we race through busy schedules and cope with a troubled economy, most of us are skimping on simple pleasures and putting our needs at the bottom of the to-do list. 

According to a survey commissioned by Edwards desserts, 90% of us have cut back on indulgences over the last year. In addition: 

  • 59% of survey respondents said they’re decreasing the number of events planned with friends.
  • 35% are cutting back on even the smallest treats, such as manicures and desserts.
  • 94% admitted they handle commitments and other people’s needs before indulging or treating themselves.
  • 6% said finances have prevented them from treating themselves as often as they’d like.
  • 32% said they have less free time than they did a year ago. 

With the winter holidays fast approaching, enjoying a little “me time” becomes even more difficult. 

“Self-pampering may seem like the last thing on your mind these days, but treating yourself to something special is so critical to relieving the stress of everyday life,” says Heather Reider, cohost of MomsTown Radio.

Bring Nature Indoors 

Nurture your organic spirit by bringing nature indoors, Reider recommends. Cultivate a container garden—either a window box, urn, basket or round fish bowl. 

Display indoors a Bonsai plant, orchid, robust green plant, herbs or tulips. These work well in chilly weather, providing lovely floral aromas and some welcome color on a dark, dreary day.


Take up an art or other creative project. Spend time painting, drawing, making jewelry or knitting.

Nurture Your Organic Spirit 

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