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When it comes to natural pet food, pet owners don’t seem to hesitate to spend more for “green” peace of mind, but does it really add up to a cleaner environment?


According to Dr. Andrew Weil (right), world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, it’s all of the steps from farm to bowl that determine the credibility and impact your pet food may have on the environment.

“I think it’s especially critical for pet owners to examine the type of protein that goes into their pet’s food,” says Weil, who has two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Jambo and Daisy. “My dogs are a big part of my family, so knowing the protein source of their food is really important to me.”

Weil’s personal concern over the health and well-being of his dogs, combined with his personal passion for the environment, led him to get involved with launching one of the first pet foods with U.S. source-verified meat and poultry.

“What impressed me was their attention to detail when it came to knowing the source of their protein and their unique ability to process the pet food in their own manufacturing facilities under strict guidelines,” Weil says.

Pet Promise was developed with a two-part mission: first, with a promise to pet owners to produce a pet food made without the use of animal byproducts, rendered meat or chicken meals, added growth hormones or antibiotics; second, with a commitment to environmental practices, which involve sourcing protein exclusively from natural family farms and ranches.

The positive impact family farms have on the environment may be more critical than most people realize, but, unfortunately, many family farmers go out of business every week. Family farms that support the use of sustainable agricultural practices are often replaced by factory farms. Environmental proponents believe factory farms unnecessarily produce tons of waste that compound pollution problems.

“Factory farms are major offenders of the environment today.” Weil says. “The amount of residues from antibiotics and hormones that goes into the water tables is significant. By choosing pet foods made with meat and poultry protein sourced from family farms, you are sending a message about these practices and helping to do something positive for the environment.”

Pet Promise pet food can be found in stores nationally, including Whole Foods and Petco. For more locations, click here.

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