Six Degrees Could Change the World

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Earth Day is April 22! 


National Geographic recently released the DVD Six Degrees Could Change the World, a 50-minute documentary that explores the dangers of global warming.

By 2100, many scientists believe Earth’s average temperature could rise by as much as 6°C (42.8°F). National Geographic examines what each rising degree could mean for the planet.

The film illustrates how global warming has already affected Australian reefs, Greenland’s ice fields and the Amazon rainforest, with a sobering look at our insatiable appetite for energy. It also focuses on how existing technologies and remedies could help dial back the global thermometer.

A bonus program, A Way Forward: Controlling Climate Change, is included within the eco-friendly packaging (100% recycled fiber; 55% post-consumer waste; plastic film, 100% compostable).

The film, narrated by Alec Baldwin, is based on Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet, by journalist and environmental commentator Mark Lynas.

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