Slow Cooking with a Purpose (and Without a Cord): Meet the Wonderbag


Slow cooking takes on new meaning with the innovation known as the Wonderbag.

No relation to the Wonderbra, Wonder Bread or Wonder Woman, the Wonderbag is a slow cooking technique that actually allows you to cook with a reduced use of energy. It’s designed primarily for developing nations, but it’s also perfectly suited in the modern kitchen.

So what makes Wonderbag so wonderful?

The Huffington Post reports that founder Sarah Collins developed the cordless, power-free, gas-free product to work like this:

You start anything you cook in the Wonderbag on the stove (recipes range from beef stew to oatmeal to greens and beyond), bringing your pot to a boil for around five minutes. Turn off the heat, seal the pot and pop it in the Wonderbag for your desired amount of time. A tender beef stew will take about four hours, but you can leave your food in the Wonderbag for up to 12 hours without it falling below a safe temperature.

Pretty innovative, right? And yet, so simple. It’s kind of a wonder that slow cooking fanatics hadn’t figured this one out sooner.

The Post’s Rebecca Orchant reported success with her own recipes in the Wonderbag. (We haven’t used one, yet.)

And what’s even more wonderful about the product: All U.S. purchases through Amazon gives another Wonderbag to a family in Africa. That’s pretty inspiring, and we’re guessing it will make your dinner taste a whole lot more wonderful.

Check out the video for more info:

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