Smart Ethnic Dining

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As more restaurants offer natural and organic fare, you’re likely to find ethnic eateries in your area that have joined the pack.


The trick, of course, is to make nutritionally savvy selections that are big on flavor but low in fat and calories.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute offers the following menu tips.

Chinese restaurant. Opt for steamed, jum (poached), kow (roasted) and shu (barbecued) entrees, and make sure no MSG has been added. Replace fried rice with steamed white or brown rice.

Italian restaurant. When ordering sauces, go with red, primavera (no cream) or piccata. Sun-dried or crushed tomatoes are also a best bet. Entrees should be lightly sautéed or grilled—not fried.

Mexican restaurant. Spicy chicken served with rice and black beans is a clear winner. Go with salsa or picante sauce instead of cheese sauces and sour cream. Soft corn tortillas trump their flour cousins.

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