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Tuesday is Earth Day!


State of the Wild: A Global Portrait of Wildlife, Wildlands, and Oceans,a comprehensive book of essays highlighting the most pressing global conservation issues, was released last week by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Topics include:

  • Diseases shared by wildlife, domestic animals, people and ecosystems
  • The challenge of saving wildlife in political hotspots like Afghanistan
  • How habitat degradation, increased livestock production, wildlife trade and other ecosystem disturbances have fostered conditions ripe for resurging and emerging pathogens (avian influenza, SARS, West Nile virus)
  •  The art and practice of conservation 

Contributors include David Quammen, author of 11 books on natural history; climate expert James Hansen of NASA; and Wildlife Conservation Society President and CEO Dr. Steven E. Sanderson.

“Conservationists often focus on losses, rather than successes,” Dr. Sanderson says. “We sometimes miss the opportunity to be part of a human-friendly solution for the Earth’s future. State of the Wild allows us to think more broadly about living with wildlife as conservationists and stewards of the Earth.”

State of the Wild affords us a comprehensive, engaging look at the ecological health of our planet today,” adds Maya Lin, an environmental artist and advocate for sustainable design, who reviewed the book. “With careful, thoughtful essays that provide an up-to-date account of the state of conservation of species and ecosystems, this book is a call to action, a sobering analysis of global conservation and biodiversity and what the world is doing to help.”

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