Summer Entertaining, Australian Style

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Summer in Australia means outdoor entertaining that combines delicious food, great wine and a unique al fresco ambiance.


The cuisine is a flavor fusion that merges ethnic tastes into something deliciously different. One great example: yesterday’s recipe for Dukkah Bread Dipper, whose ingredients should be readily available at natural and organic food stores.

Here are some outdoor entertaining and decorating ideas from McWilliam’s Wine, one of Australia’s most prestigious, award-winning wineries:

  • Scatter appetizer platters around the entertaining area. Guests will move around the yard to sample everything and keep the party going. 
  • Lay low. Don’t worry about being over-the-top impressive. Your guests will be much more comfortable and at ease if you keep things simple. 
  • Pair wines with foods at each station. Place white wines and ice in galvanized buckets or other large containers to chill. Large planters work well, too. Don’t forget to have corkscrews in each area. 
  • Place potted plants and flowers in simple terracotta pots. No fancy arrangements are necessary; just choose simple, but sturdy, flowers to avoid wilting when it’s hot outside. Bunches of baby’s breath can be very striking in galvanized buckets. 
  • White candles set into planters and pots are a striking touch after sunset. Surround them with small stones, and add a little water for a beachy feel. 
  • Don’t forget the music. Whether you opt for an MP3 player or live entertainment, it will help set the mood. 
  • Colorful edible flowers add a summery touch to any party. Just make sure the flowers you choose are truly edible. Some simple additions: nasturtiums, roses and marigolds. 
  • Send guests home with homemade party favors. We know your guests will be addicted to the Dukkah Bread Dipper, so make a large batch, and package it in small, decorative containers. Give one to each guest as you say goodnight.

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