Sussing Out the Source

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I’ve been sharing data from a recent IBM survey, which reveals Americans are increasingly concerned about food safety, and they’ve changed the way they shop at their local grocery stores.

Researchers also found:

  • 77% of consumers want more information about the content of the food they buy.
  • 76% are interested in foods’ origins.
  • 74% seek more data on how food products are grown, processed and manufactured.
  • Consumers now spend more time reading food labels to analyze ingredients, and they’re questioning supermarkets and manufacturers about product details.
  • More are checking foods’ expiration dates and doing “background checks” on specific brands.
  • As younger, Internet-savvy Americans become primary grocery purchasers, they will demand more information about the food they buy.
  • Despite industry efforts to share these details, there's still a significant gap between consumer expectations and the information that retailers and manufacturers provide.

Chalk all of this up to a failing food industry, which is responsible for 76 million cases of foodborne illness each year, with 5,000 deaths. Can you think of a better reason to switch to natural and organic food?

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