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The ever-so-wise Forrest Gump compared life to a box of chocolates: “You never know what you’re gonna get.”

On this Easter Sunday, when boxes of luscious organic chocolates and stacks of cocoa-enriched bunnies are plentiful, we’d like to help you figure out what you’re gonna get in the confectionary aisle.

The calories in a piece of chocolate vary, based on type of filling, size and ingredients unique to each brand, according to registered dietitian Karen Collins, nutrition adviser for the American Institute for Cancer Research.

“A reasonable estimate for various flavors of assorted boxed chocolates is about 50 to 60 calories per piece,” she says. “Chocolate truffles, however, tend to be richer and denser, often weighing in at about 70 to 120 calories each.”

For chocoholics, boxed sweets can help with portion control.

“You may find it easier to stop at one or two pieces than to stop midway through a candy bar,” Collins says.

Of course, there can also be a downside: grazing your way through a box. There is, however, a practical solution if too many truffles are calling your name.

“Some stores sell gourmet chocolates individually,” Collins says, “which allows you to buy just a few at a time.”

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