Take Responsibility for Your Food’s Safety

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Over the last week, we’ve examined the results of an important IBM study on food safety. To catch up on our coverage, click on these links:

Now that the statistics are in, it’s critical for mainstream and organic consumers to take basic action steps when shopping for groceries:

Seek out other concerned consumers. Connect with those interested in food safety issues. Share your information and insights with others.

Make yourself known. Speak up! Let your local grocery know you’d be interested in more information on product details and origins. Grocers want to listen in today’s highly competitive marketplace. IBM research shows 75% of consumers are dissatisfied with their grocers.

Ask questions. Assess which food companies and grocers provide the most information about the products they sell. Check out in-store kiosks, brochures and touch-screen computer displays.

Read packaging closely. Some product packages provide more information than ever before, including specific details about the farms where ingredients were grown.

Take responsibility. Leverage the power of the Internet. Visit sites like ours, as well as food companies’ websites, to learn about the processes behind the products you buy. Companies are responding to consumer demand by providing a wealth of background information to gain credibility and shift consumer attitudes.

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