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Taste Buds Don't Lie

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My son has become quite the food snob. Ever since his first bite of an organic pear, he has been hooked on produce grown without additives or adjuncts. He doesn’t care about spots on his apples, to quote an old folk song. In fact, he will turn his nose up to a pear or peach that is not organically grown. It’s as if he can taste the difference (imagine that!)


This little five-year-old boy knows what a whole lot of other people are learning…organically or naturally grown produce is not only better for you (forgoing all the pesticides and such to give you a smaller and less attractive version of the same fruit), but it simply tastes better. It’s not in your head, trust me!

I’ll give you another example. Last year at the farmer’s market, this fellow was selling fresh corn grown naturally. He was asking 6 ears for a dollar, and made sure to tell me he used no chemicals of any kind in the growing of his corn, and because of this there were some caterpillar-looking critters in some of them. Now I know these little creatures only eat an inch or so down the ear and that’s about it. So I got about ten dollars worth from him, and just for the sake of comparison I bought some from a larger ‘produce distributor’ at another booth (name of said business withheld), paying him a dollar for four ears. I shucked them (picking the bugs off the first batch and breaking off an inch or so on the ends when I needed to) and cooked them separately. My son would not eat the chemically-assisted corn, but dug into the naturally-grown corn with a vengeance.

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From the Organic Authority Files

This is not a coincidence, folks. Garbage in, garbage out I say…leave the sprays and such in the shed when you grow your garden. Use natural means to keep the critters at bay. Your taste buds (and those of your kids) will thank you for it!

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