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Atlanta-based Mud Pie has been making giftware for more than 18 years, and the company’s line of Tea Talk mugs is sure to please organic tea aficionados.


There’s a mug for every temperament:

  • Creativi-Tea (having more creative ability while drinking tea)
  • Tranquilti-Tea (a state of peace while drinking tea)
  • Simplici-Tea (the appreciation of life’s little moments while drinking tea)
  • Sinceri-Tea (the quality of being open and truthful while drinking tea)
  • Sereni-Tea (the absence of stress while drinking tea)
  • Prosperi-Tea (the condition of having good fortune while drinking tea)

Mugs hold 12 ounces of your favorite organic beverage, and they’re dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Each retails for $11.95.

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