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As January comes to a close, how are you doing with your new year’s resolutions?


In England, consumers are turning to—what else?—tea for a health boost in 2007.

Last January, UK sales of green teas rose by about 40%, with fruit and herbal tea sales increasing by almost 15%, according to Tetley, the country’s leading manufacturer and distributor of tea.

“At this time of year, people are thinking about their health and wanting to choose a resolution which is easy to stick to and packed full of health benefits,” says Ray Duffin, the company’s marketing controller. “Consumers in the UK are beginning to recognize the important health benefits of green tea.”

Green tea is “as hydrating as water, naturally rich in antioxidants and a natural source of Theanine,” Duffin adds. “Early research suggests that antioxidants may help maintain the body’s defense systems and suggests that Theanine may create a feeling of relaxation and alertness at the same time.”

You can find Tetley green teas, made from premium organic leaves, at natural and organic food stores in the United States.

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