Teach Your Child to Be a Backyard Scientist

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Children love summer vacation, but parents often find it difficult to keep them engaged in productive activities. 

Most kids experience a learning slump during their time away from school. At best, they show little or no academic growth over the summer, according to the National Summer Learning Association. At worst, they lose 1 to 3 months of learning. 

It is, however, possible to keep your children engaged and stimulated over the summer months. Books like I’m a Scientist: Backyard—part of a new series for younger readers (5+ years)—introduce kids to the world of science with interesting outdoor experiments. Clear, step-by-step instructions allow children to absorb science easily. 

You can also use summer vacation to instill a love of nature, the outdoors and organic gardening. I’m a Scientist: Backyard teaches preschoolers and early elementary students to: 

  • Take a garden safari
  • Make a bug house out of a soil sample to observe the creepy-crawlies that live within
  • Perform plant-based experiments that foster an interest in botany
  • Experience wind power by making their own pinwheels
  • Discover a tree’s age and measure its height using just a stick and a piece of string
  • Make a sundial to tell time using only the sun’s position
  • Learn about centrifugal force with a simple bucket of water 

The book retails for $12.99 and will be released July 19. You may preorder it on Amazon and save 20% ($10.39). 

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