Teenager-Owned Craft Distillery Makes Award-Winning Gin

Any gin and tonic lover is sure to love craft gin, and if you do, take special note, because there’s a new craft distillery on the market. And it’s run by a group of kids.

It’s called Sibling Distiller and it’s out of Gloucestershire, England. The four siblings aren’t new to craft drinking culture, even if one of them is below the legal drinking age in their native England, and the other three are barely beyond the cut off. All under the age of 23, the youngest 15, the four grew up working at their family’s Battledown Brewery, which is the site of the new distillery.

What were you doing in your late teens? Probably not opening up a craft distillery, that’s for sure. But the siblings have already been putting in their time at their family’s brewery, claiming that between them they have 30 years of experience.

“I love being part of the team, I find it very exciting,” Digby Elliott Berry told The Spirits Business. Digby is the youngest of the Elliott Berry clan, and at the age of 15, can’t legally drink in England for another three years. “I am a thrill seeker and I look forward to playing a bigger role as soon as possible.”

“As soon as possible” may need to be defined, considering that at the ripe old age of 15, he’s not legally allowed to taste all the tasty craft gin the distillery is planning to produce, and that’s a shame, give what they’re making.

According to The Spirits Business, “the gin, which is triple distilled and filtered through a layer of fuller’s earth, features vanilla, blueberry, orange and lemon among its botanicals, is bottled at 42% abv in a distinctive cubic bottle.” Sounds like a good match for a tasty gin and tonic, now doesn’t it?

Apparently, “the group have run several businesses between them and have picked up numerous national and international awards,” which is making me start to feel really bad about my now very unproductive late teens and early twenties.

But if you think it’s a little weird to have a 15-year-old behind a gin business, you’re not alone. After all, if you go to the Sibling Distillery website, you are required to enter in your age, as “only people of legal drinking age are invited to use this website.” One of the other siblings must be heading up the tech side of things.

All jokes aside, at least Digby’s up to a whole lot more interesting adventures than most 15-year-olds. But while hopefully a young businessman, it will be a few years before he’s drinking a gin and tonic.

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Image: Liz West