Tequila-Lime Corn & Bean Salad

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Summer is time for barbecues, block parties, picnics, and fun with family and friends, so liven up your menus with fresh and flavorful salads.


Our weekend recipe combines corn, red bell peppers, black beans and mango for a taste of the tropics. This salad is delicious when served as an appetizer with tortilla chips, a topping for chicken breasts or a dinnertime side dish.

Prep time is only 20 minutes, and all of the ingredients should be available at your local natural and organic food store. 

Tequila-Lime Corn & Bean Salad

Makes 5 cups

  • 1 cup tequila-lime-flavored salsa 
  • 1 large red bell pepper, diced (about 1 cup) 
  • 1 cup whole-kernel corn 
  • 1 can (about 15 ounces) black beans, rinsed and drained 
  • 1 mango, peeled, seeded and diced (about 1 cup) 
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro leaves 

Stir the salsa, pepper, corn, beans, mango and cilantro in medium bowl.

Serve immediately, or cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Pace

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