Terrifically Trendy Natural Cleaning


As Earth Day approaches, one of the simplest steps organic consumers can take to reduce their environmental impact is to scrutinize household cleaning products used and consider switching to concentrated natural products.


“Most people aren’t aware that traditional cleaning products contain health-hazardous toxic chemicals that destroy our lakes, rivers and streams, among other things, and can lead to health problems such as asthma, allergies and even cancer,” says Cindy Rimer, vice president of sales and marketing for BioKleen, a company that manufactures natural cleaning products.

“As natural cleaning is becoming trendy—and laws such as the ban on cleaning products containing phosphates in Washington state are being enacted—awareness is increasing,” she says, “though few understand the true environmental damage caused by phosphates, chemicals and synthetic fragrances, which are common in traditional cleaning products.

“Now more than ever,” Rimer adds, “the media’s role in building awareness of this exciting movement is critical and can drive consumers to look for better, equally effective, earth-friendly options. Making the switch to natural is simple, has an immediate positive outcome and can even save some money in the case of concentrated products.”

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