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On Nov. 28, I wrote about the Health Tea Wand, a unique glass straw that allows you to enjoy your organic teas and herbal infusions to their fullest. I also wanted to let everyone know that Organic Authority Publisher Laura Klein is offering a wonderful line of special organic teas that make great holiday gifts. Grab ’em while they’re hot!

No one ever taught me how to make the "perfect" cup of tea. (Alas, I wasn’t born in London.) But Nancy Raimondo and Andres Ranz, the wizards behind the Health Tea Wand, have been kind enough to offer the following advice to Organic Authority readers.

Every Tea Is Different

“Until you are familiar with a particular tea,” they note, “steep for a minute or two, then sip. When the tea tastes appetizing to you, sip and enjoy. Be mindful of taste, rather than color. Most teas are meant to be infused several times. Add additional hot water, as needed. You may want to increase steeping time for subsequent infusions.”

Practice Makes Perfect

“Feel free to experiment with water temperature, brewing time and proportion of tea to water,” Nancy and Andres explain. “There is no right or wrong way to make tea. Trust your instincts, and let your individual palate be your tea guide.”

Water Counts

“Start with good-tasting water,” advise Nancy and Andres. “Tap water contains chemicals that affect the taste of the tea. Try different spring waters or filtered tap water. Don’t reboil water because oxygen disappears, giving you a flat brew. Don’t use boiling water when brewing white or green tea. Overheated water cooks the leaves and destroys their flavor.”

Tune in tomorrow to learn more about brewing a flavorful cup of organic tea.

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