The Next Coffee Revolution

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As you may have read, Starbucks decided to close about 600 U.S. stores, and the company known for explosive growth will open fewer than 200 new locations in 2009.


With a Starbucks on almost every corner, company execs are finally aware of market saturation. I also suspect our troubled economy plays a role: Consumers on a budget have become wary about spending $4 for a cup of coffee. Americans who couldn’t function without their morning drive-through fix are seeking ways to ease financial pressures, and single-serving coffee purchases may plummet.

“Making your own coffee at home and adding a specialty creamer, or something that makes it a little tastier, is a lot less expensive than going out every morning for that specialty coffee drink,” says registered dietitian Holly Scherer of the University of Michigan Health System.

If you haven’t yet switched to organic coffee, now’s the perfect time. Peruse the aisles at your local natural and organic food store, and choose beans or blends that make your olfactory nerves swoon.

Here are six recommendations to get you started:

  1. Strictly Organic Sunnyside Espresso
  2. Dean’s Beans Mexican Chiapas
  3. Sacred Grounds Day Dreamer Decaf
  4. Peerless Balthazar Blend
  5. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Wild Mountain Blueberry
  6. Newman’s Own Vanilla Caramel

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