The Organic Kitchen: Buying a Tagine


We focused on North African cuisine last week, including recipes for Orange and Radish Salad with Cinnamon Vinaigrette and Cinnamon Beef Tagine.


Pronounced “tah-zheen,” tagines are North African stews that are usually slow-cooked at low temperatures in unique pots (also called tagines). These pots are made of sturdy clay, and they have two key parts: 

  1. Lower than most pots, the bottom is round and flat. 
  2. A dome-shaped lid is specially designed to trap steam, keeping your meats extra-tender. 

Once you’ve finished cooking your organic meal, you can remove the top and serve directly from the bottom.

Modern tagines often feature cast-iron bottoms that can tolerate cooking at higher temperatures (similar to Dutch ovens). Here are four great picks for your organic kitchen:

Now, as you spice up your organic meals, you can also “kick it up a notch” in your gourmet kitchen. Happy shopping!

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