The Perfect Organic Espresso

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We conclude this week’s online organic coffee seminar with a look at espresso.


Espresso comes from the Latin word meaning “to press out.” Once available only at coffee bars, you can now make it at home in less than a minute. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure your espresso machine is clean and that you’re familiar with its operation. 
  2. Select a medium-dark espresso coffee that has been slow-roasted for a richer flavor. 
  3. Buy whole espresso beans from a natural/organic food store or supermarket. This guarantees freshness. Buy only as much as you’ll use in one week. 
  4. Grind your beans just before brewing. While aficionados prefer a burr grinder, a blade- or chopper-type grinder also works well, as long as you give it a shake or two to ensure even grinding. 
  5. To brew, begin with 2 tablespoons of ground espresso and 1½ ounces of fresh distilled or clean-tasting tap water per serving. Follow your machine’s brewing instructions. Remove the carafe immediately after the brewing cycle concludes. 
  6. Serve espresso in a warm demitasse cup. If you want to indulge, add a chocolate truffle on the side! 

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