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They're Putting Mercury in Swine Flu Vaccine

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The Washington Post confirmed that the swine flu vaccine, which is fixed to be rolled out countrywide this fall, in what a few fear could ultimately become a required vaccination program, will contain thimerosal, a mercury chemical compound which is a toxin linked with autism and neurological disorders.

In an interview this week with Katie Couric, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says thimerosal is safe and parents need not be concern:

"Study after study, scientist after scientist, has determined that there really is no safety risk with thimerosal. There is concern about parents of why autism rates are rising. And, as you know, we've got some special NIH studies, thanks to the president, focused on just what is going on.

But thimerosal has been proven to be safe. It's used in seasonal vaccine-- seasonal flu vaccine. And, again, we want to assure people that that-- the scientists, again, have confirmed-- that there is really a safe factor with using thimerosol. It's an effective preservative and one that we think actually adds to the likelihood that we'll have a safe vaccine for a while to come."

From the Organic Authority Files

Doesn't the secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius know that Congress is paying out millions to families with injured kids due to thimerosal?

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