Those Elusive 30 Minutes (Part 2)

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Some people like to lift weights, but they don’t think they have enough time to get a full workout.

“You can actually do strength circuit training as part of your 30 minutes of activity,” says Andy Fry, assistant director for fitness and wellness at Campus Recreational Sports at Indiana University Bloomington.

He suggests doing 8–10 exercises that encompass all of the major muscle groups, doing at least one set of 8–12 slow and controlled reps. This should take about 15 minutes to complete. Perform the circuit in a way that allows one muscle group to relax while the other is working.

You could also take a brisk walk, jog, swim or play basketball.

“The key is to do something where you are actively moving and engaging in physical activity,” Fry says. “Make sure that your heart rate is elevated for 30 minutes.” 

Be Creative

Exercising needn’t be restricted to the gym. Move workouts outdoors. Take a brisk walk to meet a friend for lunch.

Fry suggests paying close attention to your environment for exercise opportunities. For example, if your office has large hallways, go into work early and take a brisk walk, or take advantage of the many flights of stairs in your apartment or office building.

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