Van Leeuwen Delivers Organic Ice Cream to NYC

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Move over, Good Humor man! The old-fashioned ice cream truck has experienced a dramatic makeover.

Lucky New Yorkers can hook up with Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, whose trucks have a huge Twitter and Facebook following. Think of it as ice cream by appointment: Loyal patrons use the social networking sites to find out where the company’s three trucks will be parked each day.

Van Leeuwen’s ice creams are made with carefully sourced ingredients: fresh, local and organic, with no stabilizers or preservatives. The most popular flavors include vanilla and pistachio, but why not opt for ginger, red currant or peppermint & chip?

Coffees, lattes, teas and hot chocolate are also available, made with locally produced organic milk. Cups, spoons, napkins and straws are made from renewable corn or sugarcane husks. 

New Yorkers can also find Van Leeuwen pints at Whole Foods Market and independent local retailers.

Deliciously Organic Frozen Treats

  1. Organic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
  2. Hot Chocolate Affogato
  3. Organic Strawberry Rose Geranium Ice Cream Drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar
  4. Organic Chocolate Mint Ice Cream
  5. Lemon Verbena and Lavender Ice Cream
  6. Coffee Bananas Foster
  7. Creamy Margaritas

Photo: Stevendamron

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