Vegetarians at the BBQ (Part 2)

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By Emma Snow


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The second tip to hosting a vegetarian-friendly barbecue is presentation. While a pile of juicy steaks thrown on a platter straight from the grill may look tempting, a pound of potatoes doesn’t have quite the same appeal.

Take a few minutes to peruse a few vegetarian cookbooks, or preview the photographs of the recipes you check out online. You may be surprised how tempting a plate of stuffed tomatoes looks with a sprig of fresh herbs and a sprinkling of balsamic vinegar, grated cheese or drizzled oil. Let your creative juices flow freely, and watch how mouthwatering the vegetarian alternative suddenly becomes.

This article wouldn’t be complete without a word on quality. Time after time, I’ve found this to be the big difference between a veggie lover and a veggie hater. Usually, the veggie-hater has never been exposed to good-quality vegetables. If you want your vegetarian entrée to come out tasting like a champ, it’s worth the effort to find the freshest produce available.

Barbecue season also happens to be the best season for vegetables, so check out your local farmer’s market or neighborhood vegetable stand. Of course, the best place to get vegetables is straight out of the garden, and there are great recipes that use even the veggies you may otherwise throw away. (For example, the green tomatoes that get knocked off the vine grill up firm and tangy!) Trust me, everyone will love a vegetable that has been ripened by the sun and picked in season.

There you have it! Take these tips with you to the grocery store and vegetable stand, and I have no doubt your barbecue will be a big hit—for everyone!

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