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Washington, D.C. Debates Fee for Paper, Plastic Bags

I eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. So I’m at the supermarket fairly often and I always bring my reusable bags with me. But I still see plenty of people opting for plastic shopping bags, even double bagging it.


Now, I’m no eco-fascist. I wish people didn’t use them, but it’s their choice. So I don’t preach. I just hope they’ll change their mind some day, but many cities are being more proactive.

Washington, D.C., wants to impose a fee on plastic bags.

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From the Organic Authority Files

District of Columbia lawmakers are considering a 5-cent fee on plastic or paper shopping bags used at retail centers, including grocery stores, liquor stores and other businesses. A portion of these funds would be used to distribute free reusable bags to old folks and residents of low-income neighborhoods.

Our nation’s capital isn’t the first to crack down on plastic bags. Last year, San Francisco banned plastic shopping bags and Seattle legislators are now looking to charge 20 cents for each paper or plastic bag; ENN reports.

New York City and New York State have taken action too, requiring all retailers to offer collection bins for recycling plastic bags and wraps.

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