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Insufficient government response to global warming is a major concern around the world, according to a new poll from the University of Maryland’s Program on International Policy Attitudes.

More than 18,500 respondents in 19 countries were asked:

  • How high a priority does the government place on addressing climate change?
  • Using the same scale, how high a priority do you think the government should place on addressing climate change?
  • What is your guess on how high a priority the average person in [your country] thinks the government should place on addressing climate change?
  • Do you perceive yourself differently from the public on how high a priority climate change should be?

As worldpublicopinion.org noted:

Majorities in 15 [countries] think their government should put a higher priority on addressing climate change than it does now. This includes the largest greenhouse gas emitters: China (62% want more action), the U.S. (52%) and Russia (56%).

Other countries polled included India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Mexico, Chile, Germany, Great Britain, France, Poland, Ukraine, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, the Palestinian territories and South Korea.

Specific study results can be viewed here.

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