This Avocado Technology is About to Smash Your Brown Avo Woes

This avocado technology will keep this avocado from going bad.

We’ve all been there. You think you wrapped that other avocado half so well that no brown would be able to stain its ripe, green flesh. But once you unwrap your soon-to-be-consumed treat, you find that the avocado is too far gone—it’s totally brown, squishy, and inedible. Sigh.

Well, a technology company out of Australia has created something that could help make certain that this fate never befalls your precious (not to mention expensive) avocado half again.

The tech

Naturo Technologies recently unveiled some pretty ground-breaking technology aptly named the Avocado Time Machine.

The company’s technology could keep your avocado half stay fresh for more than ten days–ten whole days, people!

In addition to keeping the avocado half fresh, the technology preserves its taste and retains its nutritional properties. The tech also can eliminate the pathogens that easily latch on to pre-cut fruit and vegetables.

And don’t worry, organic readers, “the company’s Natavo Zero™ technology doesn’t use any sort of additives or preservatives to delay the browning of avocado flesh,” Treehugger reports.

The avocado tech only relies on the ability “to switch off the enzyme responsible for the fruit’s browning via pressure fluctuations generated by steam,” Treehugger adds.

According to the company, this technology preserves the taste and nutritional properties of the avocado.

“By understanding the avocado’s lifecycle and the complex correlation of enzymes involved in the browning process, we have made it possible for the world to enjoy 100% natural, ready-to-eat avocado slices, dices, chunks or pulped products while retaining the flavor and fresh taste of avocado, without browning,” Jeff Hastings, agricultural engineer at Naturo, says.

“All products stay fresh for a minimum of [ten] days when refrigerated, even after the packaging has been opened. That is very good news for the avocado industry and for the consumer.”

Beyond the home kitchen

And just think about what this new technology could mean for the avocado industry. The tech can keep guacamole avocados super fresh, too.

The Time Machine is “capable of processing cut or pulped avocados at the rate of 4,000 per hour…in a cost-effective and energy efficient manner, which could allow avocado producers access to new markets for their products,” Treehugger adds.

And people are skeptical that dreams can’t come true.

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