You're Never Too Old for Halloween

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Halloween has become a $5 billion business—one that is growing rapidly in popularity among adults, according to the National Retail Federation. No longer a kids-only event, more than 85% of 18- to 24-year-olds took part in festivities last year.


“Celebrating Halloween is a great way to escape everyday worries and let your imagination run wild,” says Chris Riddle, a Halloween trend expert for American Greetings. “It’s the one day of the year that you get to wake up and be someone else. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

Halloween office parties abound, as adults use the occasion to celebrate everything that goes bump in the night. Expect more invitations this week, as the holiday falls on a Friday.

Decorate, play creepy music, and burn scented candles and incense. Add a Halloween-inspired screensaver or wallpaper to your computer. Send holiday ecards to friends.

Place a bowl of healthful organic treats on your desk, entryway table or in office reception areas. Spruce up the place with natural elements from your backyard: Fill a clear vase with twisted tree branches or fall leaves.

Enjoy the outdoors. Check local parks and community calendar listings to see if any ghost walks are offered. Enjoy a crisp fall day by going on a hayride. Visit your local farmer’s market, natural and organic food store, or pumpkin patch to select pumpkins to carve.

And if the weather doesn’t cooperate, it’s still easy to bring the season into your home with a fun Halloween-themed craft project. Try a modern approach to pumpkin decorating: Paint faces on pumpkins instead of carving them (a great activity for small children). Painted pumpkins look great, and they last a lot longer than their carved counterparts.

Editor’s Note:Click here to find the Haunted House Candle Holder (see photo) at a local store. 

Photo courtesy of American Greetings

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