7 Copper Cookware Kitchen Essentials $100 and Under

7 Copper Cookware Kitchen Essentials $100 and Under

Not only does copper cookware offer advantages for cooking in the kitchen, like superior heat conductivity for one, but copper also looks great. Copper cookware combines elegance and practicality and it can help to make your kitchen a warm and inviting space–making it the perfect choice for entertaining. Plus, contrary to popular belief, copper cookware doesn’t have to break the bank.

Here are some copper cookware essentials to add both form and function to your home that come in under $100.

Copper Cookware Essentials $100 and Under

Copper cookware essentials.

1. Copper Kettle

Whether you are into pour-over coffee or are a tea enthusiast, a pour-over kettle is essential. This version from Staub is made from stainless steel and finished with high-shine copper to bring rustic charm to any kitchen. It also features a built-in thermometer to guarantee the perfect temperature for your beverage of choice. $100

Copper cookware essentials.

2. Copper Mixing Bowls

Solid copper mixing bowls have long been valued by professional chefs and bakers for their special properties–copper allows you to beat more volume into egg whites, resulting in lighter cakes, fluffier meringues and more. $99.76

Copper cookware essentials.

3. Mauviel Copper Sugar Pot/Saucepan

A sugar pot is a necessity for those who enjoy making desserts–the conductivity of copper helps avoid clumping and scorching when making sugary sauces. Made in France, this Mauviel pan can be used for preparing everything from pralines, caramels and hard candies to meringue and frosting. It can also double as a small saucepan. $100

Copper Crisper Air Fryer

4. Copper Chef Crisper Tray Pizza Pan

This chef-grade pizza pan is perfect for your next homemade pizza party. This 12″, 4-in-1 pizza pan makes thin crust, regular crust and even Chicago style deep dish pizza. The air crisper screen helps add that extra crispiness to your fave pizza crust circulating heat above, around and below your pizza to achieve that crispy golden crust. You can even use this kitchen tool to air fry veg like sweet potatoes, without butter or oil. $19.99

Copper cookware essentials.

5. Copper Saute Pan

A copper saute pan is the ultimatemust-havee for the kitchen for its versatility. Saute pans are designed for braising, sauteing, and pan frying. This pan features an aluminum core that conducts heat evenly and a copper exterior that offers up superb heat conductivity and precise temperature control. $63.96

Copper cookware essentials.

6. Copper Skillet

While many might think that skillets and saute pans are the same, they are in fact different. Skillet have sloping sides which makes them ideal for stir frys, searing meats, scrambling eggs, and more. This pan set features triple-layer construction of stainless steel, aluminum and copper, which results in even heating and changes in temperature. The hammered finish is also quite luxurious. $79.96

Copper cookware essentials.

7. Copper Colander

This stainless steel colander with a copper finish is ideal for both washing fruits and vegetables, but it’s also pretty enough to use for serving as well. $69.95

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